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Callie Alexander, a recent graphic design graduate from the University of Florida, is influenced by fashion, music, movies, and pop culture. Callie strives to utilize her design skills to reflect positivity, enthusiasm, and excitement. She tends to lean towards a maximalist approach and likes to be playful with textures, colors, photos, and typefaces. A theme that comes up throughout her work is empowering women and bringing attention to the misogyny that exists within our society.


Callie’s design experience includes art directing for student run magazine, “Rowdy,” and interning for the Legacy Recordings content team under Sony Music Entertainment. Through these experiences, she has learned to seamlessly work in multiple programs at once and approach projects in unique ways. 


In her free time, Callie is found loitering in bookstores, watching cheesy romance films, and curating endless Spotify playlists. 

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