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Jukebox Tee Shirts

Jukebox Live Sounds CD and Vinyl Cover

Jukebox Stickers and Motel Keychain

Jukebox Store Pricetag




Jukebox was a project created in collaboration with Kestae Alexander. The idea behind Jukebox was to create a vintage/secondhand clothing store that would also be used as a live music venue. With Kestae, I created the logo and branding for the store that utilizes bright colors, a jukebox shape, and retro typefaces. Using this branding, each of us created our own event flyers and posters, merchandise, and other assets, such as a store playlist and pricetag.

Store Signage & Logo

"Saint Motel" Event Poster

"The Wombats" Event Flyer

"The Sounds of Jukebox" Playlist Cover and Songs 

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